There are many different games to choose from at any given daily fantasy sports site. Choosing the right one will not only let you have more fun, but give you a better chance of winning, too. Here, we will take a look at what sports are available, and what contests you might want to consider to give yourself more of a competitive edge.

The Sports

Every big site out there offers baseball, basketball, and football, as far as DRF sports go. Some offer other sports, like golf, WNBA, MMA, NASCAR, and college football and basketball. If you have a sport that you enjoy watching and researching more than others, you will want to make sure that the site you choose has the sport of your choice. For example, DraftKings offers NASCAR contests, but FanDuel currently does not. Looking at it this way will instantly help you decide which site to use, and let you have more fun playing. After all, DFS games are a way to enjoy your favorite sport more.

The Contests

Now that you have a sport in mind, your next choice is to pick the right contest. There are a number of different tournaments and leagues out there. The simplest format is a traditional format where the overall winner is awarded a prize and those in a certain place range receive continuously smaller prizes. Most bigger contests are operated in this fashion.

These are fun, but unless you have an amazing roster, you are not going to win consistent money with these. That’s why most sites have multiple types of contests. 50/50s and multipliers are fun alternatives to these. In these, those that finish in the money all win the same amount of cash. For example, in a 50/50, half of those entered win about double their entry fee, and the other half lose. A 5 times multiplier allows for about a fifth of those entered to win five times their entry fee. Some sites offer 10 times multipliers, and as you probably guessed, a small percentage of those at the top will win ten times what the entry fee is.

There are also head to head tournaments, where you compete against one other fantasy manager.

Some contests require you to win entry into them, making them all the more lucrative and desirable. There are some that are separate and reserved for just those that are new to DFS and have never won or placed in the money in a previous contest. This ensures that beginners are more likely to play these.

It is worth pointing out that the entry money can be used as a loose indicator of the talent of those within the tournament. For example, someone who has a lot of experience playing DFS is more likely to play in a $1,000 tourney than someone who is brand new to it. If you are looking for tougher competitions, the more expensive the entry fee, the higher the quality of competition tends to be. This is not a hard and fast rule, just a general one to help you figure out where to play. Beginners should risk as little as possible until they gain the experience needed to have a shot of winning.

Whatever contest you decide to play in, make sure that you’ve gone over the scoring system and other rules. We’ll go over this in another spot, but one of the best ways to give yourself a competitive edge over the long haul is to create a roster that matches up best with the specific scoring criteria that a site has. If you can do this with consistency, you are going to be a better DFS manager than the vast majority of others out there.