Get all the Details

A lot of people that transfer their yearlong fantasy sports skills over to a daily fantasy sports league find themselves struggling at first. One of the big reasons why this happens isn’t because you don’t understand the game or even because you don’t understand the fantasy aspect of the game. This difficulty occurs because scoring for one league is completely different in its nature than the other. Thanks to this, a player that is strong in one league setting is not in another. Overcoming this can be tough, especially if you have been stuck in one way of thinking for a while.

Here, we’ll go over a couple examples of how this works and give you a couple different solutions.


In recent years, drafting a quarterback in the first round of a yearlong fantasy football league would be an awful mistake. In fact, it’s become common to wait until the third round to make a move on a QB. This has led many fantasy managers to downplay the importance of having a top three QB on their team. But this mindset can be a harmful one in DFS football. This season, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady were the top two quarterbacks in most yearlong leagues. If you could grab one of these guys in round three of your snake draft, awesome. If not, someone almost as good was going to appear in round four or five. In a DFS league, your QB doesn’t need to be sacrificed like this. You want a strong passing quarterback in most DFS leagues. If you can get one that is not too expensive, but also is up against a weaker defense, then you are going to be in a good position. It will vary from week to week. Even if Brady is the top ranked QB going into a week, he might not be the best choice. So, while he might be a great pick in a yearlong league, he might be a bad choice one week in a daily league, and a great choice the next. You might even find that a second tier QB like Derek Carr is a superior choice sometimes.


In a yearlong league, it’s not a huge deal if you don’t grab a top rated pitcher in the first round. In fact, you usually want to go for an outfielder or a first basemen. These athletes play more often than pitchers, have more power than other positions, and if they go on a hot streak, they have the potential to outscore even the best pitcher in a fantasy setting. You can’t go into a daily fantasy sports league game with this mentality. Like it or not, the pitcher is the main focal point of your team in a DFS setting. Like football, you want to think about current stats, but you also need to look at the opposition. A power hitting team is likely to increase the number of earned runs a pitcher has, even if they tend to have strong control over the ball. These pitchers might be useful, but not always. Chris Sale could be the best pick one game, and someone to stay far away from the next time he’s scheduled. And much like football, a subpar pitcher may actually be the best choice, depending on who he’s up against.


Always focus on salary versus expected point outcome first. This concept is known as value. This will help you to spread your limited salary around more effectively and squeeze every dollar for more fantasy points. This will also help you to justify spending more on a great player because you will be more likely to make up for lost salary dollars in other spots in your lineup.