Start the Studs?

Are Top Rated Players Worth the Cost?

In horse racing, the “chalk” is the horse that is receiving the greatest amount of bets. Back before computers, odds were written in chalk on a large board, hence the term. And oftentimes, the chalk was an overrated horse that underperformed. Does that same concept hold true in daily fantasy sports? Is the top rated player are a certain position not worth your salary dollars? Unfortunately, there’s not really an easy answer to this question. Just like in horse racing, the answer is that it depends on the situation. Let’s look at this in a little more detail. The top rated player is there for a reason. Maybe they are… Read More

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Get all the Details

Use the Right Approach

A lot of people that transfer their yearlong fantasy sports skills over to a daily fantasy sports league find themselves struggling at first. One of the big reasons why this happens isn’t because you don’t understand the game or even because you don’t understand the fantasy aspect of the game. This difficulty occurs because scoring for one league is completely different in its nature than the other. Thanks to this, a player that is strong in one league setting is not in another. Overcoming this can be tough, especially if you have been stuck in one way of thinking for a while. Here, we’ll go over a couple examples of… Read More

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Making Points with Stategies

Start Using a Comparison Approach

One of the more powerful analytical measures to incorporate into your daily fantasy football strategy is called extra points added per play, or EPA, for short. The theory is that not all plays are of the same value when it comes to a fantasy point of view, although on paper they might at first seem that way. For example, if we are looking at two wide receivers, both of whom have 40 yards receiving on 8 catches, they might be pretty similar at first. But if one of them had 6 catches in the red zone and 3 touchdowns, while the other had 1 red zone catch and 0 touchdowns,… Read More

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